The Politics of Supporting Gay Marriage

The President of the United States supporting gay marriage is clearly a win for equality, human rights, and the LGBT community. There’s no debating that. But whoever advised Barack Obama to fully and publicly support gay marriage was very smart. Here’s why: 

After April’s less than impressive job growth numbers, the GOP accusing Obama of politicizing the killing of Osama bin Laden, and the Chen Guangcheng negotations with China, this race just took a sharp left turn. You can debate the administration’s handling of each of those incidents all day, and both sides can give legitimate arguments as to how things should have been handled. Personally, I think the economy is one the weaker aspects of Obama’s campaign. But a statement as divisive as supporting gay marriage makes people forget about all that, if just for a moment. Those who were against gay marriage never would have supported Obama anyway, so what’s he got to lose?

This isn’t foreign relations, a war, or a bailout. Voters will either be for or against it, and people will have opinions. Whether it’s warranted or not, people will vote based on one extremely divisive issue, and Obama has picked his side.

Your move, Romney.

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