Video on “Pagpag,” which is a term to describe what the extremely poor of the Philippines do to eat, or for some, make money. The process involves going through the trash of restaurants, picking out edible leftovers, recooking it, and selling or eating it. 

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40,000: Number of cows tested a year for mad cow disease out of 34 million cows slaughtered a year in the U.S.
In Japan: All cows over 20 months old are tested.
In Europe: All cows over 30 months old are tested.
San Jose Mercury News, via Chris

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The Pizza Hut pizza made of cheeseburgers. Strangely, you can’t get this in America. Only available in Middle Eastern Pizza Huts. Also, interesting to hear the Middle Eastern person’s voice over.

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And here I will repeat, a Kobe burger is always, always a bad idea. When cooked rare to medium-rare, as most chefs who put these on their menus usually recommend, the texture inevitably renders as mushy. It’s like moist cat food on a bun, with the meat oozing out the sides and back as you try to eat the burger. Why turn a glorious piece of beef into minced meat?

Kobe burgers are most often seen in mini-hamburger form, usually as an “appetizer” plate of three burgers, because A) this expensive beef is more affordable in smaller, sharable portions and B) the Kobe/Wagyu and the min-burger/”slider” trends seem to have peaked at the same time. Thankfully, both manias seem to have abated and you don’t hear as much about these ill-conceived lil’ ditties anymore.

Adam Kuban, Serious Eats 
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Ten-Course Filipino Dishcrawl at Mercury Lounge

I love how big Filipino cuisine is getting here:

Where: Mercury Lounge, 1582 Folsom (at 12th St.)

When: Sun., Jan. 30, 5 p.m.

Cost: $45 for ten courses (possibly more), wine pairing, and cooking demo

The rundown: Taste the energy swirling around theFilipino food movement via Dishcrawl, the food community meet-up site. Mercury chef Dominic Ainza has pledged to serve up a minimum of 10 dishes with wines to match and a demonstration cooking class, says organizer Tracy Lee. Lee tells SFoodie she and co-organizer Jo Boston have made highlighting the Bay Area’s emerging mod-Filipino cuisine a priority for 2011 (prior Dishcrawls have gathered at The Attic andBistro Luneta).

Reservations: Via Dishcrawl’s website

Check out other upcoming events on SFoodie

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